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Don't be embarased by a slip-and-fall accident

We recently discussed some points pertaining to slip-and-fall accidents. If you recall, these accidents can lead to very serious injuries. This can pose a problem for the victims of the accident. We know that the victims of slip-and-fall accidents might feel a bit silly trying to come forward with information about the damages they suffered.

Leg strains can require surgery in severe cases

Slip-and-fall accidents can lead to a host of injuries. While some people might not think that leg strains are serious, they can actually cause more issues than what you might realize. There are some cases in which a leg strain can require that the victim has to take time off work.

Slip-and-falls, business insurance and claims for compensation

Business owners should have insurance to help ensure they are covered if someone falls on their property. When a patron falls and gets hurt, the effects on the business can be considerable if they don't have insurance. For the patron, lack of insurance can mean that they don't have as good of a chance at getting the compensation they deserve, even if they have a court order for it.

Spring thaws can lead to parking lot slip and falls

A lot of people are cautious during bad weather and are on the watch for parking lot dangers like ice and snow. However, when the weather starts to warm up, people can start to get less cautious—and they don't realize just how dangerous some parking lots have become over the winter months.

Do premise liability laws have special rules for children?

The law recognizes that children aren't just small adults—they're curious by nature and lack the intellectual development and maturity to appreciate certain risks the way that adults do. Does that mean that property owners have to take extra steps to protect children from hazards and injuries even though the children are trespassing?

Slip-and-fall cases are complex undertakings

You slipped and fell on another person's property. That fall led to injuries. Those injuries required that you obtain medical care, and possibly that you miss work. Are you supposed to just cover all of those expenses and let the property owner off scott-free? In most cases, the answer is no. You don't have to just suck up the losses. Instead, you can file a claim for compensation.

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