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Even minor crashes can have serious effects

Car crashes range from minor to fatal. Just because you are in an accident that seems minor, you can't let your guard down as you deal with the aftermath. No matter how minor it seems, there is a chance that you will suffer injuries. Low speed accidents can lead to problems like whiplash, head injuries, bruising or damaged muscles. In all of these cases, you might require medical care.

When the crash happens, the first thing that you need to do is to check for injuries. Even though these might not seem bad when the accident occurs, you need to be sure that you seek medical care so that you can ensure that there isn't a life-threatening issue hiding. You might not even realize that there is something amiss until days later, but even then you should have a medical evaluation done.

Premises liability is more than just slip-and-fall accidents

Sometimes, it is easy to think of slip-and-fall accidents as the only type of premises liability issues that might creep up. This isn't the case. There are many more different types of accidents that fall under this broad legal umbrella. We know that you might not know if the case that you have falls under it or not. We are here to help you find out what you need to know about seeking compensation for any accident.

With the summer months here, one type of premises liability accident that might occur is one in the swimming pool. People and companies that own pools have to make sure that they are safe. This means having a fence up around them when it is required. They also need to ensure that the proper safety equipment is included in the pool area. Proper safety rules should also be in place.

What defense might be used in a premises liability case?

There is an old saying that lets you know that you must get to know your adversary if you are going to beat them. This saying applies to legal cases today. You need to be able to foresee what the other side is going to do so that you can adjust your side of the matter when it is necessary.

If your case is a premises liability case, the other side might use the open and obvious defense. This is one that is surprising simple for them to put together, but it is possible to battle against it if you plan properly.

Why slip-and-fall accidents are more dangerous for seniors

Slips and falls are common accidents in stores, hospitals and other establishments that frequently contain wet or slippery floors. Spring showers can also turn any surface into a potential hazard.

However, regardless of the place or weather, slips and falls are always a risk for seniors. Decreased vision and mobility, side effects from medication and health problems all make seniors likelier to slip and fall, making it the number one reason for both fatal and nonfatal injuries for this demographic, reveals the National Council on Aging. The high risk and specific qualities of older adults make such accidents very harmful and even deadly.

Workers' compensation decisions might need to be appealed

Workers' compensation coverage is something that most workers hope they don't have to use but most are glad that it does exist just in case they have to use it. When you are hurt at work, the last thing that you might feel like doing is try to struggle to pay your bills while you are having to deal with an increase in medical costs. Workers' compensation coverage helps prevent this from happening.

Many workers' compensation claims go through without any issues; however, there are some that aren't handled as they should be. When a claim isn't processed like it should be, the resulting decision might be something less than the injured worker should be entitled to receive. We are here to help you appeal decisions that provide you with the benefits that are due you.

Why radiologists are at risk for neck, back and stress injuries

A new workforce study published by the American College of Radiology suggests that nearly 33 percent of all active U.S. radiologists suffer from lower back pain. Researchers suggest that the musculoskeletal injuries from which these medical professionals increasingly suffer from may be an ill-effect of the modern picture archiving and communication (PACS) era.

They note that, back when films were relied upon for imaging, radiologists used to move about as they changed or reviewed films. Now, images are instead taken, reviewed and stored via digital means. While this type of recordkeeping has allowed for faster scheduling and access to patient records, it has made radiologists become more sedentary on-the-job than they ever were before.

Spring showers bring hazards for drivers

The spring season brings showers that can lead to hazardous driving conditions. As the rain hits the roadway, the pavement gets slick. This isn't just because of the water. It is also because of the grime and oil that is on the roads when the rain starts.

Substances like fluids from vehicles can fall onto the roadway and dry into what appears to be goop. When the rain falls, it wets these areas, which causes the fluid to run. Some fluids, such as motor oil, can be very slippery when they become wet with rain water.

Don't let a car crash derail your entire summer

With the increase in traffic that usually comes to the Atlanta area in the spring and summer, now is the time to shore up your safety procedures for when you are in your car. Unfortunately, the uptick in travelers can mean that other drivers who aren't so careful are sharing the road with you, which can lead to a crash.

A car crash can derail your entire day. In fact, a serious accident can derail your whole summer. You might not be able to enjoy things that you were planning on doing, because you will be in too much pain.

The dangers of driving too fast

Speeding is a major cause of motor vehicle collisions, but many drivers in Georgia do not take the behavior seriously, and may even refer to the posted speed limit as a joke. However, death is a common outcome for victims of speeding accidents. People who tend to speed and disregard posted speeds could find themselves struggling to deal with the physical, emotional and economic aftermath. 

Most car accidents involving excessive speeds are preventable. The following information explains the dangers of speeding. 

Why do dog bites lead to such serious injuries?

Did you know that a dog's jaws can exert 450 pounds of pressure per square inch? If you didn't know before, you do now. This is only one of the things that makes dog bites so horrible. This pressure, coupled with the fact that a dog's jaws are meant for tearing meat, can inflict considerable damage on a human.

There are many complications that can come with a dog-bite injury. There are many factors that help to determine what kinds are going to occur in any given case. People who have suffered from a dog bite and those who are caring for a dog-bite victim can benefit from knowing some of the common complications.

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