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Hold negligent property owners accountable for accidents

Property owners who don't keep the sidewalks and other areas neat and in good repair are putting other people at risk. Accidents that come from flimsy stairs, lack of railings, uneven pavement or similar conditions can cause serious injuries. When you are involved in an incident that falls under the premises liability section of personal injury law, you need to think carefully about your option to pursue compensation.

We understand that your primary focus is going to be on healing from the physical injuries. Whether you are facing a catastrophic injury like damage to your spinal column or brain or a less serious injury like a broken bone, you are likely going to need considerable medical care over the long term.

Outdoor hazards must be handled right away

Slips and falls are sometimes minor incidents that don't have lasting impacts. In other cases, they are catastrophic situations that come with serious injuries. Property owners need to make sure that they are keeping their property free of hazards that might lead others to slip, trip or fall.

Outdoor hazards are sometimes difficult to spot when you are walking around. One hazard that is usually easy to spot is inadequate lighting. This is a problem in many areas because property owners don't take the time to think about how no lights outside or dim lights can be hazardous. Often, they become so focused on how the property looks during the day that they forget about the darker hours.

3 essential tips for riding your motorcycle in the city

The streets of Georgia may be full of motorcycle riders and lovers, but it is not necessarily a motorcycle-friendly state. If you ask people who regularly use their motorcycle to commute, they will inform you about bad drivers and oblivious pedestrians. Riding your bike into the city takes superior awareness and excellent riding skills to avoid accidents

If you ride in the city, whether it is to run errands or for a commute, you do not need to be afraid, but you should plan ahead and be careful. Here are some things you can do to ride skillfully and safely in the urban jungle.

Car crash injuries can devastate your life

Being involved in a car crash can be the first event that starts you down a negative path that you might not have ever thought you would be placed on. This is a very difficult reality to face, especially if you have a catastrophic injury. We understand that you aren't feeling your best right now. We can't take away your pain, but we can offer to help you with the legal avenues that you might pursue for compensation.

The money factor is one that many people don't think about when they think about the impacts of a car crash, but this is a real challenge that you might have to deal with in the months and years after the crash. For some people, there is a trifecta of issues that all collide when it comes to their finances. One of these is that they might not be able to work. The second is that they have their normal bills to think about. The third is that they have the bills from the accident. This can be financially devastating.

Are your vehicle's airbags posing a hazard to you?

You count on your car's airbags to protect you and other occupants of your vehicle if you are involved in a crash. Have you ever thought about the possibility that your car's airbags could injure you while they are protecting you? This is something that most people don't think about it but it is something that might happen.

The airbags in a vehicle use a chemical reaction to inflate. This only occurs after a sensor triggers the release of those chemicals, which is only supposed to happen in accidents that are certain speeds and have a specific force of impact. Unfortunately, there is a chance that the airbags will malfunction.

Injured at work? File for workers' compensation benefits

The life that you live after being hurt at work might be very different from the life you lived before the injury. When the injury was one that greatly impacted your ability to work and the chance to enjoy your life, you might find that you just aren't as happy. You might even fall into a depression.

When you are injured at work, there is a chance that you will need to get medical care quickly. You might also need to go through therapy and other appointments after you get the initial care. All of this can be costly.

Flight attendants face specific hazards when they are working

People who work for airlines have jobs that enable everyone else to travel around with the endless days of ground transportation that it would take to cover the same distances. The ease of travel that fliers experience isn't indicative of safe working conditions for employees. In fact, airline employees have some very serious risks that they face on a daily basis.

Flight attendants are one of the many jobs in the airline industry. These individuals cater to the comfort and safety of the passengers. Oftentimes, they put their own comfort and safety on the line for the passengers.

Perception and honesty are important in car crash cases

There are some very important things that you need to think about if you are involved in a car crash. One of these is that you need to protect your life and your interests. This isn't always as easily done as what it might seem. We understand that you might not be familiar with the specifics of taking action after a car crash. We are here to help you with finding your way and moving your case forward.

One thing that you need to remember is that not everyone is honest. This makes it harder for the people who are being honest to get what they need. After a car crash, you might find that your claims for compensation are being scrutinized more than what you think they should. In many cases, this isn't because of you but because people have been very dishonest in the past. We can help you ensure that you aren't being railroaded based on what others have done before you.

The dark side to driving with distractions

When you think of driving distractions in Cedartown, you might not realize how dangerous they can be. Distracted driving is becoming so common that many motorists are becoming immune to the risks until they end up in motor vehicle accidents or lose their loved ones to them. 

The obvious effects of distracted driving include vehicle collisions, physical and emotional trauma, property damage and accident as well as medical expenses. There are some not-so-obvious effects of driving with distractions that can have a significant impact on your life and those of your loved ones. Here is a brief overview of the hidden dangers of driving with distractions. 

Be careful walking around the city during these colder months

Now that the winter is here, people are going to focus more on trying to stay warm than trying to stay safe. The fact of the matter is that falls can occur after a trip or slip. These incidents sometimes end in injuries that range from very serious to minor inconveniences.

Instead of trying to rush out the door right away, make sure that you are wearing appropriate footwear. It doesn't get snowy or icy too often in northwest Georgia, but the ground might be slick with winter precipitation. This means that high heels and other shoes that don't have much grip on the soles aren't really appropriate. Instead, choose boots or sneakers that have enough tread on the bottom to help you as you walk.

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