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Injuries in car crashes can vary considerably

Car accidents are sometimes fatal, but they can dramatically change someone's life even when he or she isn't killed. The injuries that can occur in a crash vary greatly. It is imperative that you watch carefully for signs that something happened. Knowing some of the possible injuries you might suffer can help you recognize possible issues.

In some cases, the injuries that come from a car crash aren't going to show up right away. Brain injuries and soreness might not show up for a day or longer. Of course, broken bones and spinal cord injuries are likely going to show up right away.

All workers deserve safe conditions to work in

We recently discussed some of the ways that retail workers can remain safe during the holiday season. These workers aren't the only ones who need to stay safe. Other workers, including construction workers and road workers, also need to go home safely to their family members at the end of the day.

Employers have a duty to make sure that they are providing safe working conditions for all employees. During the winter months, this can include having to provide workers with protection or protocol to prevent frostbite and other cold weather issues. This isn't too much of an issue for workers who do their duties indoors, but people in the construction industry will likely spend more time outside.

Tips for safe winter motorcycle riding in Georgia

Unlike some parts of the country, Cedartown and the surrounding area is still experiencing moderate temperatures. For avid bikers, this means warm enough weather for motorcycle riding.

However, do not let the weather lull you into a false sense of security. Winter is still fast approaching and comes with dangers, even in Georgia. Be prepared so you can safely enjoy outdoor rides a while longer.

How can retail workers stay safe in holiday shopping crowds?

It is a day of the year that many retail workers abhor -- Black Friday. This is the day when people flock to stores in droves to battle it out with other shoppers to get great deals on items that can be kept or given out as gifts. This madness happens the day after Thanksgiving and has been associated with injuries and even deaths.

Retail workers need to take special precautions if they want to remain safe and go home to their family members at the end of every shift they work during the busy holiday season. It is also imperative that retail stores properly prepare for the large crowds that can sometimes turn aggressive.

Seeking compensation after a car crash might be a necessity

Seeking compensation after a car crash is something that many victims choose to do. This is often done out of necessity instead of being done out of the desire to get even. Some people who don't think they would ever sue another person find that they need to take this step just to make ends meet.

The impacts of a car crash are considerable. The injuries can cause you to be unable to work or have to miss work while you get medical care. This means that you are dealing with the pain of the injuries while you also have to worry about how you are going to pay your bills. This is a very difficult situation for anyone.

Hidden dangers of dog bites

No matter how friendly a dog may seem, it can always bite someone unprovoked. While bulldogs and chihuahuas are a couple of the most likely breeds of dog to bite, any breed poses a risk. 

Any dog bite, regardless of perceived severity, should undergo a doctor's review. Many people avoid seeing a doctor because they do not think the wound is that severe. However, certain problems require time to develop, so it is always preferable to play it safe than sorry. 

Make sure you stay safe when driving in the rain

Many people have to get out in the rain, but this is very dangerous. Driving in the rain takes even more attention and planning than driving when the weather is nice out. There are several hazards that you need to know about if you are going to drive when the weather is wet.

First, the pavement will be wet. The most dangerous time to drive on wet pavement is when it first starts raining. Why? Oils and other substances on the roadway are dampened and can become slick. The more rain that falls, the more likely it is that these substances will be washed off the road. With them gone, all you have to contend with is water.

Seek compensation for the damages of a dog bite injury

Premises liability is an area of personal injury that can encompass a variety of situations. We recently discussed one of these areas, dog bites. Some of the others include slip-and-fall accidents or falling object cases. We realize that people who are injured in an accident on another person's property might not feel like they have any possible recourse.

You should realize that you do have the option of seeking compensation for the damages that you suffered due to the accident. When the accident is a dog bite, you might have multiple avenues to explore for compensation. It is imperative that you consider each one and determine which one or ones you are going to pursue.

Dog bites might be compensable under renter's insurance policies

People who visit someone with a dog don't ever expect that the dog will turn on them. Sadly, canine bites from pet dogs do happen sometimes. When this is the case, the victim will have to determine how to handle the situation. In most cases, the priority is getting medical care for the injuries. Once that is done, the question that comes up involves determining who is going to pay for the medical care and other damages.

If the person is a homeowner, you might decide to find out if they have a homeowner's insurance policy. You might think that you are financially doomed if the person is a renter; however, renter's insurance policies will sometimes cover dog bites, as long as the person has a policy.

Teen tries to pass dump truck in no-passing zone, causes fatality

Passing vehicles is something that should only be done when the conditions on the road are safe for this to happen. There are some areas where passing other vehicles is strictly forbidden. These no passing zones are in place for a very important reason -- to keep people safe while they are traveling.

On March 7, 2017, an 18-year-old driver decided to pass a dump truck. The issue is that the vehicles were in a no-passing zone. The teen driver hit another vehicle head-on while trying to pass the dump truck.

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