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Fault is important in car wreck injury cases

Car wrecks aren't anything that you can plan for. When you are in an accident, you are going to feel shocked that it happened to you. In some cases, a victim of a motor vehicle crash might decide to seek compensation for the damages they suffered. One factor that matters in these cases is who was at fault for the wreck.

Determining fault isn't always easy. In fact, many cases involve several factors that come together to lay the blame on someone. It is also possible that one accident can have more than one party that is at fault. In this case, a specific percentage of fault is assigned to each liable party.

Know what workers' compensation benefits you qualify for

You go to work to earn an honest living. You probably never thought that an injury would prevent you from being able to do your job.

When you are injured at work, there are many things that you need to consider. One of these is how you are going to get medical care. The good news is that workers' compensation is here to help with this aspect of a work-related injury.

You shouldn't have to pay due to another person's dog biting you

Dog bite injuries might seem minor at first, especially if the attack wasn't very bad. This can be misleading because things can change quickly. When a dog bites you, the teeth pierce the skin and underlying tissues. Because the dog's mouth is full of bacteria and germs, these might be pushed beneath your skin through the wound. We know this is a difficult situation for you because of the pain that you are in.

Puncture wounds are dark, warm and moist. These are the perfect conditions for infections to set in. Unfortunately, this is something that you might have to battle when you are dealing with a dog bite. It is imperative that you have it evaluated by a medical professional and embark upon a treatment plan. You should also check the wound at home and report any odd symptoms, such as it being very red or having a foul discharge, to your doctor.

How dangerous are angry drivers?

There is almost nothing more terrifying when you’re driving than being targeted by a driver who is seeing red, whether you understand what has angered him or her. In fact, sometimes there isn’t a logical reason for why some drivers snap. They may take it personally if they’re cut off in traffic, or they might have imagined a slight. Regardless, an angry driver can threaten the lives of drivers in Georgia and elsewhere.

Many people label any form of aggressive driving as road rage. However, you may want to consider that road rage is different from aggressive driving. The latter consists of dangerous driving behaviors that may cause accidents, such as speeding, swerving in and out of lanes, running red lights and following other vehicles too closely. A person pulled over for aggressive driving may face minor traffic charges. On the other hand, road rage occurs when a driver loses control and deliberately attempts to harm another. The following behaviors are common in road rage incidents:

  • Relentlessly chasing another driver through traffic
  • Trying to run the other driver off the road or corner him or her
  • Using a weapon inside the car, such as a firearm, knife or tool, against the other person
  • Striking the other driver’s car with his or her own vehicle
  • Attempting to get the other driver out of the car for a physical confrontation

Dog bites can occur even if you use proper safety procedures

Dog owners have a duty to ensure that their pet doesn't harm others. Unfortunately, not all dog owners take the time to properly socialize and train their animals. When they don't, they are putting everyone around them at risk of suffering from a dog bite. When you consider the fact that over 36 percent of homes in this country have one or more dogs, you can see why proper handling is vital.

One of the most important things to remember is that you shouldn't approach a dog that you aren't familiar with. Even if the dog appears to be friendly, there is a chance it will bite. If a dog walks up to you, try to remain motionless. Running from the dog might encourage it to chase you, which could lead to a serious incident.

Unsafe hayrides can lead to injuries

Hayrides are meant to be a fun fall activity. Many farmers rely on these rides to bring an extra income in, but they must ensure that safety is a top priority if they are going to offer these. There is a chance that things will go wrong and innocent riders might be injured.

Many different factors go into ensuring that visitors are safe. These all start off with the planning for the rides. When any of these factors is missing, there is a chance that riders will be harmed:

Many impacts come from car wreck injuries

People tend to focus on the injuries that occur in a car wreck, but some don't realize how much these injuries can impact the victims in every aspect of their lives. It is difficult to comprehend this sometimes. We know that you might not have even realized how your injuries might affect your life.

There are many different reasons why injuries might prevent you from doing things that you normally enjoy. One of the most obvious is that you are in so much pain that you can't move about like you normally would. It is easy to think that the pain can be managed by using medications; however, this has some negative effects including feeling too drowsy to function normally.

Your seat belt might injure you, but you must wear it

Most people understand the importance of wearing a seat belt. This one safety device in the vehicle can prevent you from being thrown around the vehicle or even out of it if you are involved in a crash. When you are wearing it, you don't expect that it will be the cause of an injury if you are in a wreck. Unfortunately, there is a chance that you will suffer some sort of injury from the seat belt; however, it likely won't be as bad as what was possible if you weren't wearing it.

The issue with a seat belt is that it locks when the driver slams on the brakes or if there is a big jolt to the vehicle. In an accident, the seat belt stops giving way, but your body will want to keep moving. There isn't any way to stop this from happening.

Social media use can impact workers' compensation claims

Many factors can impact a person's workers' compensation claim. One that you might not have thought about is your social media accounts. Insurance companies are always on the lookout for incidents involving fraudulent claims and exaggerations. Because of this, adjustors and investigators might try to dig up dirt on people who have valid claims.

People who are making any type of workers' compensation claims need to remember that what they are posting on social media might have a part in what happens with their claim. There are several things that investigators might look for when they are reviewing a person's profile and other information online.

Falls the leading cause of fatal injury among older adults

As an older American, your chances of experiencing a fall and suffering a serious injury as a result are higher than that of the average citizen. As most people age, they develop certain risk factors that can make them more likely to fall when faced with environmental hazards such as cluttered stairs or slippery floors. Many older people also experience a decline in their overall level of motion, which can lead to muscle and bone weakness and diminished flexibility.

Falls among older populations have become so common, in fact, that they are now, per the National Council on Aging, the leading cause of fatal injury and the leading cause of hospital visits among those 65 and over.

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