Child Custody Support

Experienced Georgia Child Custody and Support Attorney

At Gammon, Anderson & McFall, in Cedartown, Georgia, our experienced lawyers offer a wide range of domestic relations services, including representation of parents in child custody and child support issues.

Child Custody and Child Support in a Divorce

Some lawyers believe in aggressive action that can hurt children and drive up the costs of divorce litigation but, when Gammon, Anderson & McFall takes a divorce case, we believe in keeping your long-term interests in mind. This means helping you make smart decisions that will be best for you and your children down the road instead of aggressive ones that may only work today.

While our Cedartown, Georgia, law firm has the resources and capacity to protect your interests through litigation, our focus is helping you make smart decisions about child custody and child support after a divorce. We take the time to sit down with you and guide you through the most important decisions you may ever make - ones that affect your relationship with your children.

Modification and Enforcement of Existing Court Orders

As children grow older and as family circumstances change, existing court orders must sometimes be modified or enforced. At Gammon, Anderson & McFall, we can help. We represent parents in Georgia child custody and child support proceedings, helping make sure that the orders that affect their children are handled in the manner that works best for you and your family.

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